What is property investment and how to purchase an investment property

Investing in your future: buy property off plan

When it comes to Property Investment it pays to talk to the professionals. At Charles & Stuart we provide an extensive range of investment advice designed to streamline the property investment process for our clients and to maximise their real estate returns.

With over 20 years'  experience in investment property in Sydney, we are industry leaders amongst real estate agents.  We offer investors thorough, up-to-date and concise insights into the property market in Sydney. We can undertake a property investment analysis study on your behalf to determine whether it is a profitable investment strategy, looking at factors such as suburb prices; best investment properties;  rental properties trend; rental market; sales market; what influences buyers to buy a house; demographic trends; supply/demand trends; and comparison of Property Prices.

Our property investment advice on individual real estate investments is tailored to your particular needs when you purchase a property. Considerations here include: property evaluation, investment areas (geographical areas to invest for maximum capital growth and/or rental potential); the best investment properties in local area; expected rental yields; capital appreciation expectations; financing; renovations - how to add value to property; as well as strategic advice on how best to maximise your chances of success for planning proposals.

Why Purchase a Property Off the Plan?

Buying property an Off The Plan Property, (i.e. before a building has been constructed) is increasingly popular in Australia and purchasers have found this a very profitable real estate investment option.

Benefits include:

  • Detailed plans, models or displays of the proposed building are readily available for viewing
  • You can select from a range of various internal colour schemes and high quality finishes
  • You may qualify for significant depreciation tax savings on property, which are greater than those available on existing buildings if purchased for investment purposes
  • Greater flexibility with your finances making this an affordable investment strategy. Secure your property with a low deposit of just 10% with the balance being paid on completion. This gives you time to organise your mortgage finance, while locking in a good investment
  • No-effort capital growth – while property prices increase, so might your existing equity
  • Investing in a property development is cheaper earlier rather than later, as you are securing a property at today’s price, but don’t have to pay the full purchase price until construction is complete
  • Improved rental return - tenants like moving into brand new homes, and you may be able to charge a rent premium
  • Stamp duty on the full purchase price at the time you enter the contract is not required
  • The ability to buy today and settle in the future
  • Allows time to save and prepare